2050 Çevre Vizyonu

Through value creation inspired by our three over-arching themes - "Surprise and Sensation," "Safety and Security," and "Comfort"- coupled with a wholehearted commitment to the prevention of global warming, control of chemical substances and efficient utilization of resources, we intend to bring our business process and products into ever closer harmony with the needs of planet Earth. We believe these efforts will help to build a sustainable society.

As solutions for various environmental issues, including climate change, are called for, Toshiba Group has developed Environmental Vision 2050 to ensure that these environmental issues are solved and that all people can lead affluent lifestyles in harmony with the Earth.

İnsanlığa Adanmışlık, Geleceğe Adanmışlık

The philosophy if serving the public with passion and commitment to innovation is firmly incorporated in our company DNA. As we accelerate our global business development, we hope to provide our products and services to a greater number of people so that we can realize a world in which all people lead affluent lifestyles in harmony with the Earth.

To that end, we will stay true to Toshiba Group’s slogan, “Committed to People, Committed to the Future,” and will strive to become the most excellent company in environmental management earning the trust of society.

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Toshiba eko sistemi

In order to further accelerate its initiatives for environmental management based on the four “Green” concepts, Toshiba Group has established “Toshiba eco style” as its unified global brand for environmental initiatives.

It will work to achieve two “eco styles” on a global scale:

For individuals, our eco-conscious products create value and help to realize richer, more diverse lifestyles while reducing impacts on the global environment
For society, our advances in power systems, sophisticated transmission networks, and essential infrastructure systems secure new levels of convenience, safety, and security, while contributing to the realization of a eco planet Earth.

Toshiba eko sistemi