Ecodesign directive

The objective of the new European Eco Design Directive is the integration of environmental aspects into product design with the aim of improving the environmental performance of the product throughout its whole life cycle.

Air conditioners have been identified as Energy Related Products (ERPs) because have an impact on energy consumption during use.

Therefore a new set of rules for energy efficiency measurements and specifications have been defined which will be integrated in the new energy efficiency label.

Toshiba applies the new calculation methods of the ecodesign directive and all its products will be in line with Lot10 and Lot11 requirements.

Lot 10

The fundamental change from today’s situation comes from the fact that seasonal efficiencies become the main focus of attention.
In doing so low performing products cannot be introduced in the market form January 2013 and with more restrictive limits form January 2014.

Energy efficiency values, together with the sound levels of the units, will be reflected in the new Energy label to allow end-customers to do better and environmentally sensible choice.

Lot 10

New energy efficiency label

Energy Efficiency Class
In heating and cooling mode the new set of labels will increasethe scale every year from the actual A to a top rating of A+++

These value indicates the Seasonal Efficiency in Cooling (SEER) and heating mode (SCOP) calculated on annual operating hours at different climate zones

Climate zones
To bettere evaluate the consumption europe has been divided in three different climate zones:
Average – annual temperature of Strasbourg
Warmer – annual temperature of Athens
Colder – annual temperature of Helsinki

Sound levels
The operating noise of the indoor and the outdoor units expressed in decibel

New energy efficiency label

Minimum efficiency

New sets of rules has been defined in order to avoid the introduction of not efficient  products in the union.
Products with SEER and SCOP values lower than class D in SEER and Class A in SCOP or with elevated noise levels cannot be sold in public.

A+++ ≥ 8,50 ≥ 5,10
A++ ≥ 6,10 ≥ 4,60
A+ ≥ 5,60 ≥ 4,00
A ≥ 5,10 ≥ 3,40
B ≥ 4,60 ≥ 3,10
C ≥ 4,10 ≥ 2,80
D ≥ 3,60 ≥ 2,50


Sound levels ≤ 6kW ≥ 6kW
Indoor unit 60 dB(A) 65 dB(A)
Outdoor unit 65 dB(A) 70 dB(A)

Lot 11

Will be effective for all products imported from January 1st 2013.

This directive applies also to fan motors of air conditioners and the manufacturer should include this data on the product nameplate.